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Twelve Monkeys: repetition

One theme in the Post-Film Writing this week is the use of repeating elements between times and places, not only visually, but also with sound,  in Twelve Monkeys, particularly to raise questions about Cole's perception of reality. What kind of repeating elements did you notice in the film? Which ones were most effective in making you doubt Cole's perceptions about himself and what he's doing? Which ones did you simply appreciate aesthetically or formally?



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Jessica Brown

I began to question what was going on when I saw the second scene where Cole is scrubbed down. It seemed to me that it was so similar to the former scene that maybe they were different ways of remembering the same event. I also might have thought it could be an alternate reality.

Elida Cabrera

One of the things that made me doubt Cole's perceptions about himself and what he was actually doing was the voice of the old man that he would hear. At some point in the movie an actual man is speaking to him, but in other parts he is only hearing the voice.

Kevin Smith

The use of repetition that I found the most interesting in Twelve Monkeys was the use of the theme song throughout the film, such as when Jeffery is going on a rant or when James finds the Army of the Twelve Monkeys logo. I think I like it so much because of how strange the song is. The song is very eerie and is almost shrill, putting me on edge every time i hear it

Caleb Kuhl

Of the topic of repetition, you mentioned above the repetition of sound, but I can't recall any situations of their being any sounds that were repeated.

Just because I don't notice the repetition, doesn't mean that there wasn't. I am a more visual person than audio, and this just proves me right in that thinking. I am more attracted to the visual elements, and less to the audio. Doesn't help either that my audio processing, like differentiating sounds in a song, isn't that great either. This just shows my strong suits and weaknesses in studying a film.

Jose Hernandez

1.) The film 12 Monkeys along with Memento have parallel scenes that connect both with the present and the past. I liked how it keeps me guessing until the end. The open ended scene was hard to understand since I usually like a film with a closed ending. But it was great for classroom discussion.
2.) This was my first time watching 12 monkeys and it’s one of those films that you get more from it watching more times. I would love to see this film again in the future and see what else I notice in regards to the Mise-en-scene, props, decor, and how it relates to time, pace and memory.
3.) The comparative analysis was also great for me to analyzed all the films and think about the similarities and different between them. This was also a great way for me to reflect on what new vocabulary that I have learned.

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